Photography Essentials: Getting Your Best Shots


No matter what your photography goals are, you will be able to benefit from this comprehensive photography fundamentals course. As we move through the lessons, you'll learn how to harness your creative potential and capture your artistic vision through the lens. I will unpack everything you need to know to get started with taking captivating images that make a lasting impression. We will cover all of the basics such as camera settings, manual and auto focus, composition and lighting, after which I will walk you through two edits from beginning to end so that you can learn crucial edit techniques that will take your photos to the next level. I’ll also share the secret to developing your unique photography style and establishing a powerful social media following. You will gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of photography, allowing beginners to start from scratch and intermediate photographers to hone your craft and establish a name for yourself as a professional. You can take part in the course with your professional DSLR, mirrorless camera or even your smartphone. My guidelines apply to all cameras so anyone with the motivation to learn can join!

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